Lavender Linen Spray



  • Description

TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE -- Due to perfumer's alcohol shortages related to COVID-19, this product is temporarily unavailable for purchase.

We use French lavender essential oil in this spray. It is bright with strong herbaceous  floral scent and a woody, balsamic undertone.

Need to relax or help getting to sleep? Lavender is a great option for spritzing pillows before sleep.

Linen Sprays can be used on your fabrics to freshen with essential oils. Use on a pet's bed, furniture, bed linens, shoes, sports equipment, winter coats, smokey clothing or anywhere you want to naturally remove bad odors.

These 8 oz. bottles contain hundreds of sprays long time so spritz away!

Shake well before each use.
Please test light colored fabrics with a small spray.
Do not spray into eyes or inhale.
Not for internal use.