Q: How do you ship products?

A: We use USPS Priority Mail or First Class, depending on the total weight of your order.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: We’re happy to ship internationally but there may be restrictions based on your country’s customs. Please send us an email and we’ll check out the specifics and let you know.




Q: Do your products contain allergens? (wheat, gluten, nuts)

A: Although we do not use tree nut oils in our facility, it is possible that nut products or gluten may have come in contact with finished products. If your allergies are severe, please contact us to discuss.

Q: Does your soap contain lye?

A: All soaps are made with lye (sodium hydroxide). Do not be concerned because the chemical process of saponification breaks down the lye into separate chemical compounds to transform vegetable-based fats into soap. Cold process soap is safe to use. Chemistry is awesome!




Q: Do you offer soapmaking classes?

A: Thank you for your interest but we do not offer classes at this time.

Q: Can I order a special amount of soap or body products?

A: Contact us and we’ll chat. Depending on the timeframe available, we can often accomodate special requests for large orders.

Q: Do you offer wholesale or consignment?

A: We love our wholesale clients and would be delighted to discuss selling our products wholesale to your shop. Please fill out the Wholesale Interest Form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

We do not offer consignment.