Rosemary Mint Linen Spray - Slightly Imperfect

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These bottles are slightly dented but the product is just as great!

Rosemary Mint is invigorating, fresh, and strong with natural rosemary and peppermint essential oils.

Have tired feet? Elevate those tootsies and spritz them with Rosemary Mint to refresh and cool.

Linen Sprays can be used on your fabrics to freshen with essential oils. Use on a pet's bed, furniture, bed linens, shoes, sports equipment, winter coats, smokey clothing or anywhere you want to naturally remove bad odors.

These 8 oz. bottles contain hundreds of sprays long time so spritz away!

Shake well before each use.
Please test light colored fabrics with a small spray.
Do not spray into eyes or inhale.
Not for internal use.

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